No Animal Testing

 Joico is committed
 to providing high
 quality safe
 products. Joico
 Laboratories does
 not use animal
 tests to confirm
 the safety of Joico
 products. Safety
 of Joico products
 is assured by using
 safe raw materials
 and where appli-
 cable, confirming
 safety by testing
 via patch tests with
 human volunteers
 under a physicans
 supervision and
 using non-animal
 alternative tests.


Whether hair is dry, damaged, colour-treated, fine and lifeless, coarse and unmanageable, or just needs a little something extra to make it really healthy and beautiful, Joico’s salon hair products offer targeted solutions to meet every hair type’s specific needs.

Quadramine Complex is the scientifically proven key to the effectiveness of Joico’s hair care products, which incorporate Human Hair Keratin Protein in a wide range of molecular sizes to suit every hair care need. Joico hair products actually repair damage to hair while you are styling it, at every step of the way from shampoo to adding hair colour products to final blow-drying.

Get the advantage of beautiful, healthy hair by using Joico hair colour products and other Joico hair products to restore hair to it’s natural health and luster while you are creating the perfect style and colour!

Joico eat, sleep and breathe beauty. They develop innovative and top performing hair products for healthy hair. Joico surround themselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the salon industry and are 100% committed to the advancement of the global salon community. Why? Because beauty isn’t their job - it’s their passion!
Choosing the right hair salon is one of the most important fashion decisions you will make. Your hairstyle and hair colour tell a lot about you, so you want to be sure you place your hair fashion statement in the hands of skilled hair salon professionals who use only the best salon products. We use genuine Joico salon products for every aspect of hair treatments for treating damaged hair and keeping your hair vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

We can also make genuine Joico products available
for home use so you can maintain your hair’s
health and beauty between salon visits.
Joico provides shampoos, conditioners
and styling gels for every hair type and
colour. Joico products incorporating
advanced scientific breakthroughs in hair
care formulation are available for treating
dry hair, repairing chemically or thermally
damaged hair, for giving fine hair extra body, protecting
coloured hair and prolonging the intensity of colours.